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"Your event film crew is seen as a part of the key team by our customers"

Stuart Thomas :: Emap

"The movie has been a huge success!
Our co-workers love it!"

Tanja Dolphin :: IKEA
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Training Videos

At Fingers in Pies we believe that books can only teach you so much and that video is an excellent addition to any training scheme for the following reasons:

  • Cost-savings of having to send an employee to every single training session.
  • The repeatability of video... the lesson will be the same every time!
  • You can check the accuracy of video and be sure it includes exactly what you need to teach people.
  • Video can be dynamic every time, while people have off days.
  • Video can show complex processes through animation and through product demonstrations.
  • Video can be shown on both sides of the world simultaneously.
  • Video can bring top-ranking executives or industry leaders to the class each and every time, which is impossible with in-person training.
  • Video can transcend language barriers through subtitling.
  • Video can easily and affordably be updated as training changes.
We would love to discuss your Training Video needs with you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.